The use of the Moringa oleifera plant dates back to 2000 BC, in northern India where it was first described as a medicinal herb. According to Ayurvedic medicine, the Moringa plant can prevent up to 300 different diseases. The use of Moringa as oil was first found in ancient Egypt, where it was used as protection against the desolate and intense heat from the desert climate. The use of the Moringa plant by the Greeks was also observed and they transmitted it to the Romans who used it to feed their armies. Since then, the Moringa plant has been spread around the world due to its ability to develop deep root in any type of soil in which it is placed, which has given it the opportunity to cross the globe from Egypt to Mediterranean.


has received a huge influx of popularity in the western world, with consumers wishing to try one of the most nutritious plants on Earth. Recent studies have supported Moringa and confirmed that it really contains a multitude of nutrients The MORINGA WEY, flowering plant of the family of morigacéa native of India, is a miracle plant, real pharmacy box. All of its parts are used differently in alternative medicine and in the African, South American and Asian pharmacopoeia. Its leaves, flowers, bark and roots cure many diseases. It is effectively used to combat malnutrition.

Moringa and confirmed that it really contained

has some success if we believe the number of articles on the Internet. Well Named ! This plant has many qualities: it grows quickly, provides nitrogen to the soil, is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, produces a food and cosmetic oil, feeds families during the lean season, and is capable of purifying water. This is the reason why it is called “miracle plant”. TO PLAN EVERYWHERE urgently to improve the health and income of rural people. Hence the importance that this site gives to this plant which inaugurates a new series of magic tropical plants.